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Your website is your organization's face to the world. You want to make a great first impression. And if your website is about providing information to your visitors, you want that great impression to last so that your visitors keep coming back.

With the QuestFields product, MasterObjects provides you with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to improve your website so that visitors can find your information faster and easier than ever before. You can install QuestFields without any help from us. But we and our partners offer more than QuestFields. We can improve information retrieval on your sites, in desktop and mobile environments. And, leveraging the power of the MO Framework, we design and develop mobile websites as well as custom native iPhone applications.

Services that we offer:

  1. Information Access & Website Optimization
  2. Custom Development
  3. Installation, Configuration & Hosting

Custom Development

As part of our services, you will receive standard QuestField software, which can easily be configured and styled to fit seamlessly into your website.

For most applications, no further customization or programming is required. Our customers typically install and configure a QuestField in a few hours, and deploy it on their site within a day! If your organization does not have the time to install and configure the software, MasterObjects provides installation and configuration services.

Although QuestFields are highly configurable out-of-the-box, MasterObjects and its partners can also provide customized list layouts, style sheets, and metadata handlers, as described below.

Independent of QuestFields and leveraging the power of the MO Framework, we also custom-develop mobile websites and native iPhone applications. Please call us for details.

Result list formatting

Depending on your data, you may want to use a personalized design for the results that appear in your QuestFields. The latest AJAX Client allows you to provide your website designer to use his or her own HTML and CSS to design the list, so list customization is very easy.

Based on the graphical design of your choice, MasterObjects can also create custom list layouts that you can simply activate from the listLayout QuestField client attribute.

The following image shows just some of the list layout possibilities:

Custom style sheets

Using standard cascading style sheets (CSS), QuestFields can be made to blend into your website as if they were made just for you. QuestFields come with generic style sheets based on various default color schemes. However, you can also create your own style sheets, which become configurable through the skinName attribute in the QuestField client.

The following image shows some default skins for the AutoSuggest QuestField:

Click to enlarge

If your website designer does not have the required understanding of CSS, MasterObjects can develop custom style sheets to implement "skins" to match your graphical website design. These custom skins can then be installed on your server and, again, become selectable from the skinName attribute.

Metadata handling

While users find and select information in a QuestField on your site, you can immediately display associated information (called "metadata") on the page. To enable this, your website designer writes a simple "metadata handler function" in JavaScript.

A metadata handler can do virtually anything to dynamically change your page. The QuestField manages communication with the server, so there is no programming needed to retrieve the information. The rest is up to you.

MasterObjects can also create the metadata handler for you. Please give us a call so we that can discuss your needs and show you various examples.

The metadata handler in the animation on the right was created in less than two hours, where most of the work involved making the data and images fit into the existing website's styles.

Custom Content Access Modules and "Plug-ins"

The QuestFields Server has an extendable "plug-in" architecture that makes it very easy to interface QuestFields to your proprietary search engine or legacy database. MasterObjects offers a software development kit (SDK), but could also develop the required "plug-ins" for you. Simply call us for more information about how QuestFields can work with your proprietary data.

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