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Your website is your organization's face to the world. You want to make a great first impression. And if your website is about providing information to your visitors, you want that great impression to last so that your visitors keep coming back.

With the QuestFields product, MasterObjects provides you with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to improve your website so that visitors can find your information faster and easier than ever before. You can install QuestFields without any help from us. But we and our partners offer more than QuestFields. We can improve information retrieval on your sites, in desktop and mobile environments. And, leveraging the power of the MO Framework, we design and develop mobile websites as well as custom native iPhone applications.

Services that we offer:

  1. Information Access & Website Optimization
  2. Custom Development
  3. Installation, Configuration & Hosting

Information Access & Website Optimization

We employ some of the most talented web engineers in the business who can help you improve the "findability" of information on your website.

In an ecommerce environment, this will increase your customer conversion rate by at least 5% and often more! You will notice an immediate improvement to your bottom line.

Improve information access on your site

Your information is only worth anything to visitors who can find it. And while your visitors are navigating your site in order to find what they are looking for, you want them to stay.

In close cooperation with you, MasterObjects will analyze your current website in order to make a proposal to:

  • Improve your website's navigation structure;
  • Add an IndexFinder QuestField that will allow users to jump to any page on your site by just typing (part of) any keyword;
  • Integrate with your current database or search engine so that visitors can easily access your information;
  • Add AJAX features so that information appears on your website without having to wait for the page to reload;
  • Crawl and index your website content so pages and documents can easily be found;
  • Clean up and verify your HTML so it works well in all browsers on all platforms;
  • Optimize your site so it works well on mobile devices (see iPhone optimization, below);
  • Add Google Analytics code to your site so that you can better track your visitors;
  • Install and configure your website software, either on your own server or in a third-party colocation facility.

The scope of our information access optimization service is up to you. We have the expertise to bring your site to a new level. If your site could stand improvement, simply give us a call to discuss the possibilities!

Optimize your website for mobile devices

The mobile interface provided by the latest QuestFields leverages the power of iOS and Android (and other platforms such as Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Palm Pre and Opera) for access of your information. For over a year, our engineers have worked on mobile optimizations in our own products. We can apply this knowledge to your website as well!

Our engineers have worked on the iPhone since its launch. The images below are from the first QuestField prototypes in 2007. In 2010, MasterObjects also added optimizations for Google Android.

Fortunately, thanks to the power of the modern web browsers, optimizing your site for the iPhone does not require redesigning your web pages. But there are some things that you can do to improve the user experience:

  • Optimize your pages so they appear in the right initial size and so that they allow correct zooming by iPhone users (and as we do this, we'll do it for other platforms such as Android, too);
  • Add a mobile home page that welcomes your visitors using the typical mobile interface;
  • Add a QuestField to your search interface so that mobile users can more efficiently access your information;
  • Implement cascading style sheets (CSS) to improve the look and consistency of your site across devices;
  • Minimize the size of your images and JavaScript libraries for the fastest possible loading of your pages on mobile devices;
  • Replace Flash movies by YouTube-hosted movies or movies that are supported by html5-compliant browsers (we can convert the movies for you and can add the scripts to automatically select the right versions).

Since our engineers have already done this, we can help you implement these changes at record speed and low cost. If you want your site to steal the show on mobile devices, please give us a call so we can discuss the possibilities!

iPhone Website Optimization Service

You likely have most of what you need already!

The power of today's web technologies enables you to leverage your existing investments. Using "mash-ups", you can mix and match features on your site to provide a great user experience. We do not want you to replace what works. We will simply help you make your site work better.

MasterObjects provides these services without creating a dependency on our engineers: You own your own website. We won't impose a new site management or content management solution on you. We will assist you with the implementation of our information access improvements in your current infrastructure.

If your website designers prefer not to make the changes themselves, we offer to install and configure the optimizations on your site.

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