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Your website is your organization's face to the world. You want to make a great first impression. And if your website is about providing information to your visitors, you want that great impression to last so that your visitors keep coming back.

With the QuestFields product, MasterObjects provides you with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to improve your website so that visitors can find your information faster and easier than ever before. You can install QuestFields without any help from us. But we and our partners offer more than QuestFields. We can improve information retrieval on your sites, in desktop and mobile environments. And, leveraging the power of the MO Framework, we design and develop mobile websites as well as custom native iPhone applications.

Services that we offer:

  1. Information Access & Website Optimization
  2. Custom Development
  3. Installation, Configuration & Hosting

Installation, Configuration & Hosting

The QuestFields product comes with an extensive documentation set, allowing our customers to install and configure their QuestFields. Once installed, the QuestFields Server will run 24/7 and requires little maintenance.

Enterprise IT staff will find installation and configuration of the QuestFields software a straight-forward process. However, MasterObjects can also do the installation and configuration for you. For a modest fee, MasterObjects or its partners can customize, install and configure the QuestFields Server software for you, typically on your current server hardware. We do this remotely (through a secure VPN/Remote Access connection) or on-site if you prefer.

QuestFields web page integration

If you wish, MasterObjects can also modify the HTML of your current web pages to insert the QuestField. As part of this service, we will analyze your web pages and provide suggestions for optimizations. Depending on your QuestFields license, we will also install the proper browser detection code so that the QuestField works in all user environments.

Hosting options

The following options exist for hosting your QuestFields Server or your mobile website:

  • QuestFields (and mobile applications developed using the MO Framework) can be installed on your own server(s). In most cases, our applications run fine alongside other server applications, using your existing server hardware.
  • The QuestFields Server can easily be managed remotely, so you can also host the QuestFields Server application on a third-party hosting or colocation service, or even "in the cloud", such as using Amazon EC2. For details, please contact MasterObjects or one of our partners.

QuestFields Server installation

MasterObjects can install the QuestFields software on your web and/or application server(s). Our engineers will configure memory allocations to ensure the best performance while not interfering with the other processes that are running on your server already. Once installed and in use, we can also help you tune the server software for even better performance.

The QuestFields Server software maintains detailed log files and collects statistics that can be used to increase performance and decrease memory footprint and network traffic.

If your web pages are served from multiple domains, the Flash-based QuestFields require no special installation. If your sites span multiple Internet domains and you would like to use AJAX (or mobile) QuestFields, our engineers can help you with the configuration of so-called "proxies".

QuestFields Server configuration

MasterObjects can help you configure the QuestFields Server so it provides "content channels" for each type of content available to QuestField users. Each content channel can access one or more content sources, and combine results from these sources for display in a single (or multiple) QuestFields. MasterObjects can help you write optimal SQL or LDAP queries, and can assist in the configuration of files for indexing by the QuestFields Indexer.

We will also configure the QuestField Server's "Content Access Modules" to work with the content on your servers, so that the QuestFields access information from your SQL database, LDAP directory, search engine, flat files, or legacy systems.

Please contact MasterObjects for more information about our services!

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