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MO Framework

A solid JavaScript foundation for your websites and web apps

For the latest release of its QuestFields product, MasterObjects developed a highly efficient JavaScript framework that is now available to select partners who build dynamic websites and mobile web applications. From its inception in 2007, the goal was for the MO Framework to be useable as a foundation for any web application. Highlights include:

  • MO Framework provides robust browser and device detection code, enabling your applications to automatically adjust their behavior depending on the capabilities of the user's platform.
  • MO Framework has an efficient loader that dynamically loads JavaScript modules and CSS files if and when they are needed. The framework comes with a set of platform-specific CSS rules that are applied automatically for a consistent look across platforms that still conforms to the standards of each user's device.
  • The MO Framework "tiling module" enables development of dynamic applications, where sections and contents of the page appear without reloading the page. The tiling module also serves as a foundation for dynamic slide shows.
  • MO Framework enables the creation of so-called "full-page web applications" to take over the entire browser screen and adopt behavior to the user's (mobile) device. The framework benefits from native browser extensions on various platforms, including "WebKit Animations" on the iPhone.

Small footprint

Because the MO framework focuses only on the essential services needed by web applications, it is smaller (and thus loads faster) than generic JavaScript frameworks. In fact, the compressed download size of MO Framework 2.0 is less than 20KB!

The MO framework was designed so it works alongside other JavaScript frameworks. The MO Framework was inspired by and conforms to "best practices" found in the open source community. QuestFields can easily be combined with other functions on your web pages.

Additional benefits of the MO Framework

  • The MO framework features device-specific optimizations, such as "WebKit Animations" on the Apple or native filter effects for Internet Explorer.
  • Applications built on top of the MO framework work in all popular browsers and on various mobile devices. Publishing your information once, means that they will work properly on all these platforms without additional effort on your part. The following image shows a full-page web application running on various browsers (note the use of native button styling, fonts, borders, background colors):
  • The MO framework was designed to support multiple screen sizes. For devices with a small screen, the MO framework offers automatic activation of a "narrow" mode. The narrow mode is selected automatically on devices with a small screen (or when users resize the browser window below a certain width). You can style your HTML for narrow devices by checking for the moNarrow class name that is applied automatically by the framework.
  • The MO framework was created so you can easily create full-page web applications that automatically adopt themselves to the user's browser or device.

    For example, the MO framework automatically recognizes the iPhone (or iPod Touch) and adjusts its behavior so its look and behavior approximate a native iPhone application. When the full page loads, the MO framework will hide the Safari address and search bar so that more space is available for your application or QuestField.

    Unlike desktop browsers that display scroll bars, the iPhone supports scrolling by flicking a finger over the touch screen. Full-page QuestFields implement special scrolling behavior so that result rows appear automatically, while the user scrolls the iPhone page.

    The MO framework also recognizes page rotations: As the user rotates the iPhone, Safari switches between "landscape" and "portrait" modes. Full-page web applications automatically detect this, and can automatically re-position elements (notably, those positioned relative to the bottom of the screen).

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