QuestFields Release 2.1 (May 18, 2010)

What's new:

  • QuestFields Server 2.1:
    • Merging of Content Queries in Channels is now optional;
    • Channel filtering of duplicate keys in merged results is now optional;
    • Server Status page shows the number of handled requests;
    • Vastly improved logging;
    • Centralized error log;
    • Fixed bug that caused a warning to be written into the logs during startup;
    • Improved protocol version checking (supports clients using QOP v01, v10, and v21);
    • The schema files in the QuestObjects Home directory are no longer needed and was removed;
    • The logo image in /questobjects directory is no longer needed and was removed;
    • Support for JAVA_OPTS -DQO_HOME variable: it is no longer necessary to edit web.xml after installation;
    • Updated third-party Java libraries;
    • Updated QuestFields Server and CAM Manuals and Tech Notes.
  • QuestFields SDK 2.1:
    • Improved JavaDocs for Custom CAM and File Parser plug-ins.
  • QuestFields Indexer 2.1.1:
    • Significant Indexing and Search performance improvements;
    • Suggestion Engine (fuzzy matching);
    • Alphabetic ordering;
    • "promoteValueMatches" works on any search word instead of only the first one;
    • Now bundled into the QuestFields Server's WEB-INF/lib directory;
    • Vastly improved Standalone Indexer application;
    • The Standalone Indexer shows its progress during indexing (displaying a dot per 1,000 added records);
    • Dutch language support for Indexer result messages;
    • Updated tech note.
  • QuestFields Client 2.1:
    • Supports full-page web applications on the Apple iPad (requires iPhone QuestField license);
    • Reduced automatic query delays (improved throttling for faster perceived performance);
    • Addition of the protocolVersion specification attribute, enabling QuestFields to work with old server versions.
    • Improved metadata handling (addition of type, metaCount and the metadataMapping attribute, enabling automatic mapping of metadata values to named attributes);
    • New QuestField specification attributes listFooter, listHeader, and sidebarHTML;
    • Addition of JavaScript accessor function QO.field.getResult;
    • Built-in support for QOP protocol v10 (servers 1.x-2.1) and v21 (server 2.1 and higher);
  • MO JavaScript Framework 2.1:
    • Addition of iPad detection;
    • Improved resizing of full-page web applications;
    • Addition of breadcrumb module.

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